#22344 Student’s Form – Subjects Enrollment

Redesign of the ‘’Enroll Groups to Subjects’’ form. Management of the multiple main group enrollments for a student:

  • The student cannot have multiple main groups (more than one). If the student already has a main group, the system will not accept the addition of one more group as main. A message will appear "this student already has a main group. Please disable the existing main group to enable this option here".
  • If the student has two main groups from the database, these groups appear as active. In the ‘’Save’’ function although, a message will appear that says: ‘’The student has multiple main groups. Only one is allowed. Please select one group as a main group.’’

#23925 Students per School Registration – View in Portal

The “Students per School Registration” view was available only on Manager application. Now the user can find it on Portal’s platform, in students’ list > ‘’View’’ > ‘’Students per School Registration’’. Available filters:

  • Location
  • Grade
  • Program

#23658 Medical Data per Student – Improvements

In the “Students per Medical Data” list three new columns have been added.

  • Exam Access Requirements
  • Transport Access Requirements
  • Academic Mentor

#24474 Students List – Massive QR Code Generator

In the students’ list with a click on the “Actions” button, the option “Create a card” generates a QR code for the selected students.  

#23101 General Improvements

  • In the students’/teachers’/staff & employees’ list the default view is the grid view and the entities are clickable through the ‘’Actions’’ button depending on user’s rights.
  • Extra columns in the students’ list. There are hidden by default and they can be exported.
    • Address
    • City
    • Area
    • Post Code
  • The creation of the timetable can be done through the management menu: ‘’Academic Tasks’’ > ‘’Timetable’’ > ‘’Schedule Timetable’’ and not though the configuration menu as it used to.
  • In the students’ list, the ‘’Previous – Next’’ navigation option is available, so that the user can easily navigate between students.
  • Positioning Calendar:
    • The ‘’Location’’ comes as preselected based on the role.
    • New setting related to which location the user can have and which are the preselected.
  • For teachers:
    • The use is the same as in staff/employee users, but the students list brings:
      • Only the students he/she teaches (triple connection).
      • Or students that the teacher is a mentor.
      • Or students that belong to a group that he/she is a supervisor.

#23495 Extra Improvements

  • In relatives’ management list, in grid view, the button “Manage Columns” have been added, and the user can select which columns will be displayed.
  • When parent user checks the children’s homework, the images (if exist) appears as a thumbnail and are clickable.
  • The middle name of the student (if exists) appears in all the views.
  • In Attendance screen, (as a parent/student user), there have been extra fields and improvements.
    • A status filter has been added with dropdown options (Authorized, Unauthorized).
    • The absence’s category appears in the columns.
    • Export buttons are now available.
  • In public events, users now have three different options to choose from:
    • Not Sure
    • Attend
    • Not Attend

#23426 Teacher’s Form – Employment Data Tab

  In teacher’s form, a new tab has been added called "Employment Data" which includes:

  • Info
  • Scientific Fields
  • Working Hours

#23176 Working Hours Management – Teacher

A new statistic method has been applied so that the working hours of a teacher can be calculated based on different categories and restrictions.

  • In the “Working Hours” area under the “Employment Data” tab (in teacher’s form) the user can find this feature. Keep in mind that the different categories should be set in the “Main Settings” > “Parametric Lists” > select Teachers in “Type” and the “Teacher Working Hours Types” to add a new one.

#24385 Employees

The ON/OFF button “Consultant” has been added at the creation/edit of an Employee user.  

#21527 Minor Improvements – Part 1

  • The City/Post Code fields have drop down options.
  • Student List: You can search by Student Code in grid view.
  • Owner user can see his/her account in all institutes when in ‘’User Accounts’’ option.

#22879 Minor Improvements – Part 2

  • In ‘’Enrollments’’ tab, in student’s form, the system has two more buttons. The ‘’Show deleted courses’’ ON/OFF option, where with red color will appear the deleted courses, and the ‘’Show all group subjects’’ where all of the subjects will be listed.
  • In teachers’ list, the Level/Location filter, shows all the teachers that belong in the selected Level/Location or all the teachers without a defined Level/Location.

#22769 Add Event in Multicompany Menu

In Multicompany menu, the user can create events and invite teachers. A new ON/OFF check have been added that invites only the teachers related to the subjects.  

#22386 Group List

A new field has been added called “Group Type" in the grid view of the group list.  

#24680 Group Statistics

In the management menu > “Groups” > “Group Statistics”, with a click on the “Actions” button > “Calendar” the related groups can be displayed on it.  

#23933 Previous School – Improvements

Extra information for the Previous School:

  • End Date
  • Latest Class
  • Type of Studies
  • Departure Type
  • Overall Grade

#15436 Subject Form – Portal

New fields:

  • Remarks
  • Group Color
  • Classroom
  • Supervisor
  • Assistant Supervisor
  • Absence Limit
  • UNJUSTIFIED Absences Limit
  • Οffice365 Group Name
  • External Timetable Code
  • Previous Group
  • Related Basic Group

New Tab:

  • Enrollments (read only)

#24200 Services/Activities Form – Portal

New fields: General Data

  • List of Groups
  • Services Frequency
  • Students Limit
  • Max Number of Absences allowed
  • Max Number of Non-Excused Absences Allowed
  • Color
  • Online Registration Classification
  • Statistics Classification

Billing & Prices

  • General Ledger Account
  • General Ledger 2nd Account

New Tabs:

  • Timetable
  • Students

#16046 Services Tab in Students Form

In the student’s form > “Enrollments” tab > “Services” new columns have been added.

  • Teacher
  • Remarks
  • Change Reason
  • Submission User