#20794 Student’s Messaging History

  Administrative personnel have access to the messaging history. This option contains all the messages of the institute per user.   In Student Form:

  • New tab, in the existing “Views & Statistics”, called “Messages”.


  • Folders (Inbox, Sent Items)
  • Date Filter (From-To)
  • Message Type
  • Categories

#23580 CRM Entries Through Attendance List

In the “Subjects Attendance” option, the user can add remarks/actions. By choosing specific filters, a list will appear with all the students. For each student a CRM icon appears on the line, next to the name. By clicking it the system will open the CRM screen, and the process continues as known.

#17616 CRM Category Setting

In Configuration menu, new options have been added: In “CRM Settings” > “General Settings” > “Special Settings” the user can define which CRM Categories can be used in CRM Entries through the Attendance List.  

#22341 Minor Improvements

  • In the Calendar option, there is a “Legends” area, where the user can take information about the meaning of each color (what it represents).
  • Parent’s Portal: In the online meetings scheduling, a warning message will appear if the time the user chooses belongs to the past.

#23352 Teacher’s CRM

  The ‘’Per Group’’ option is available in the CRM of teachers so that they can select students from a group or groups. The group options come through a dropdown field, and then the students in a grid view.  

#23458 CRM Email Templates

New templates have been added in ‘’Advanced Configurations’’ > ‘’Templates & Menus’’ > ‘’Templates Editing’’ > under the ‘’CRM’’. Those templates are related with the ‘’Creation’’, the ‘’Receiver’’ and the ‘’On behalf’’ status.  

#23194 Parent’s Approval on CRM – Report

The report related to the requests of the students has some extra information. A box called “Approved by parent” so that the user knows when a parent has approved the request.