#19647 Student’s Form

New tab “Demographic Data”. The “Nationality” option was single select, and it became multi-select.

In this new tab, new fields included, and some other fields have been transferred from the dashboard.

In detail the fields are shown below:


  • Academic Registration Number
  • Nationality [drop-downmultiple]
  • Religion [dropdown single]
  • Tax ID
  • Tax Office [dropdown single]
  • Social Security Number


  • City [dropdown single]
  • Place of Birth [dropdown single]
  • Country [drop-downsingle]


  • IdentityNumber
  • IssueDate
  • IssuingAuthority
  • Passport Number
  • Issue Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Issuing Authority


  • Army Number
  • Registration Date
  • Issuing Authority
  • External Code

#19795 Personal Data of Students

On Portal, users (e.g., secretaries) can upload files for each student. There is a limitation per file up to 10MB. Files can be categorized into dynamically specified categories.

#20674 Students from Period to Period

Layout’s developments:

In this version, you can filter better the students to be transferred. There are filters called “Periods” – “From Registrations” – “To Registrations” – “Increase Institute’s Registration Based on”.

Also, there have been developments in the process of transfer, and some new functions have been created, such as the year and the registry category are now increased simultaneously.

#19993 Student Data

Students’ data that were missing (e.g., Student Code), are available in this new version for view and export in excel.

#19995 From/To School

The information about the student’s origin school data has been added.

In Student’s form in Portal, on the “Admission Data” tab, there is a new fieldset called “School Transfer Data”.

  • Origin Institute | Destination Institute
    • Reason [dropdown list] - list of reasons
    • Institute [dropdown list] - List of other contacts
    • Comments [plain text]

#20049 & #20094 New Fields in Student form

In Portal, now, you can manage the Register number. Two new fields when you add “Educational Program” to a student.

  • Registration Number

Also, if the institute has marking structures, a new option appears (dropdown list) to select them.

In “Demographic Data” there is a new field called “Academic Registration Number”. In “Enrollments” tab, “Comments” option, also works with a drop-down providing default values from a specific table.

#20066 Student's Form – Multiple Contact Data

New field under “CONTACT” data of the “Student Profile” tab, called “EXTRA PHONES/CONTACT DATA” and an “Add” button with a drop-down list:

  • Home – Mobile – Work – Email – Office365 – Other for the “Type” option, and two more columns called “Data” and “Comments”.

#21030 Student’s Form

In the student form, in the “EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM” menu, there is a new “Edit” icon, under the existing “Add” button.

#22344 Student’s Form - Enrollments

Redesign of the Enrollments tab.

  • The subject can be transferred from group to group.
  • A student can leave from a subject in the middle of the academic period.
  • A student can enroll with more than one basic group.

#21872 Students' List

In students' list, all the “Actions” buttons should have the same options (when entered as Secretary).

Note: In students list that a teacher has access, remains the same.

#20794 Student's Messaging History

New tab in student’s form, called “Messages”, with Date filters [From – To]. In this tab, user can find all the messages related with him/her, but will have limited actions.

#22879 Minor Improvements

In students list, “View” > “Students per Consents”, in the “Submitted” column, the consents can be filtered in those has filters related to whether the consent has been approved or not.

#22269 Medical Drop Downs in Parametric List

The list has four different types.

  • Medical Conditions
  • Allergies
  • Immunizations
  • Assessments

#21857 Changes in the “Students List” menu

  • The setting “Default View” can be the “Grid View” instead of the tiles view.
  • All students’ grids have now an identical set of available actions.
  • Students Grid: Name column is split into First and Last Name columns.
  • Tiles View: Under the name, we now present the full name of both parents instead just the first name of the father.

#22214 Two new reports with Students’ and Relatives’ Contact Data

Two new reports are now available in the “Students List”. These reports provide all contact data for each student (it includes all student data as well as relative/parents data). A similar report added in the “Groups List” for teachers.

#18089 Students & Guardians - Portal

Students can have, now, multiple Guardians. Please note that on the portal, only parents and guardians can see student’s data.

#20061 Parametric Lists: Student Drop Downs values

All student drop-down values can now be edit in Portal in the General Settings/Parametric List section.

#20795 Groups – Subjects Enrollments

When you define Groups in student’s form > “Enrollments” tab > ”+Enroll Groups – Subjects”, there is a new “ON/OFF” option called “Enroll to Groups/Subjects that are not available in registered curriculums”. This option will be by default “OFF”.

#22473 Special Settings

A new setting that allows multiple connections between relatives and students (i.e., a relative can be added twice for a student with two different relations).

#20698 Siblings Cohabitation – Portal

In this version of Classter, two or more siblings have a checkbox (switch) called “Cohabitation”. In the bulk actions “Create Siblings”, this should be an option preselected. Depending on the user selection, siblings will take or not this check.

  • “Activities Categories”: A new checkbox added - “Registered once per Family”.

#19947 Teacher’s Form Improvements

New fields are available in teacher's form in Portal. You can set multi selected “Locations” to define in which locations of the company the teacher is active.

Also, we have added the “Abbreviation” box in “BASIC DATA” and the “Scientific Fields” menu on Teacher’s profile tab.

#20838 Teacher’s Form

“Scientific field” values, should be filtered through the “Job Role”.

  • One more field has been added, and it’s called “Teaching Position/Type” [drop-down].
  • In “BASIC DATA” we have one more field with the name “Educational Level”.

#19648 Definition of the Teacher’s type

The possibility of determining the type of teacher is now supported. The importance is that a group/subject could be assigned to two teachers, but one of them could be Basic and the other one Assistant teacher.

New list with default option zero (0):

  • 0 – Basic
  • 1 – Assistant
  • 2 – Special Associate
  • 3 –Mentor

#19661 Communication between Teachers

On the administration’s menu, in “Management” > “Groups” > “Group Statistics” there is a new link called “Message to teachers”.

#21031 Teacher’s Portal

Apart from the triple connections, there is a control on whether the teacher is a mentor for a student. Mentors have access to students’ data.

#21203 Improvements in Teacher's Form

In “CONTACT” menu, there is a new box called “Area”, that defines the region of the “Address”.

#20100 Teachers and Office365 Email

In manager, with a right click on the list of teachers:

  • A new option added: Send to teachers’ Οffice365 email.
  • The existing option is now split into two new options: “Send to Personal Email” and “Send to user’s account email”. The last one works only for verified account emails.

#19982 Teachers per Custom Fields Data

Classter adds a new option called “Teachers per Custom Fields” (same with students) that appears in Admin/Owner/Staff roles only.

#18243 Teachers Groups Subjects - Report

In this report, the filters have been updated. “Group” filters teachers, but there is also the option “None” to “Group” and “Subject” filter so that the report can display teachers with no group/subject.

#22124 Reports at Teacher – My Groups

New “Reports” are available for Teacher’s role in “My Groups” related with student’s contact data.

#22646 Mentor Capabilities

So far, the “Admin” and the “Secretary” could have access to “Medical Data” of a student. That changes in this new version, because the “Mentor”, now, can have access to these data of a student that he/she is a mentor.

#22642 Better Filtering of Students in My groups’ form (teacher portal)

In “My Group” feature of the teacher, the teacher can see only the students that enrolled with his/her “Subject” and not all the students of a “Group” as it used to be.

#20111 Group Evaluation

We created the capability to add an academic comment per marking period on a group level.

  • This option is available for every teacher who is the supervisor in a group and has access to enter and manage the above records.

In teacher’s Portal, when you have the list of groups the teacher teaches AND, is a Supervisor, a new option appears called “Manage Academic Comments” in the “Actions” drop-down menu.

#19645 Developments in Substitution Feature

Through the “Sessions”, substitution teachers can record absences. The Substitution option when it is activated brings all the Groups – Courses. In this new version, it brings for the selected date all the groups and courses the teacher has in Sessions or weekly implementation (always for the selected date).

#19652 Attached Files on Homework in Portal

On “Homework” option, teachers can now attach files. Also, on this version of Classter, there are special screens that support homework for primary school and kindergarten.

#21524 Employees & Contacts Deletion

In “Employees & Contacts” option under “Personnel & Contacts” menu, the ability of deletion has been created. With a click on the “Actions” button on the top of the menu, the “Delete” option will appear.

#19642 Manage Contacts in Portal

A new feature on the Portal for Contacts’ Management. This feature is under the existing “Personnel & Contacts” menu, and it is called “Employees & Contacts”.

  • The list appears only in Secretary/Administrator/Owner.

“+Create New” option has a dropdown list with the following options:

  • Employees
  • Companies
  • Suppliers
  • Institutes
  • Other Contacts

Subsequently, a “Grid” view only with a list of the Contacts-Registers:

  • Filters (Show/Hide)
    • Type (drop-down option)
    • Category (Select All option)

General search option, with columns like:

  • Actions – Full Name – Brand Title – Sex – Mobile Phone – Contact Email – ID Number – Registration Status – Comment – Birthday – Username – Father’s Name – Address – City – Maiden Name – Date of contact – Date of work – Level – Title – Category

#22314 Role Deletion – On Portal

The role deletion option is now available on Portal.

#20918 Role Management – General Category

In roles like Staff/Employees, a new right has been added. You can hide the “General Category” box from the Students’ profile data tab, and from the view option “Students per Demographic Data” in the filter “Type”.

#22573 Connected Contacts – Other Contacts

In this new section called “Connected Contacts”, “Other contact” type of users (“Personnel & Contacts” > “Employees & Contacts”), can connect with existing ones (Employees, Companies, Suppliers, Institutes, Other Contacts) with a click on the “Connect with Existing” button.

#20067 Filter by Location

New tab in “Role Management” > “Actions” > “Edit Rights”, called “Special Settings”. In this tab, there is a group of customizations related to settings per role and period. The setting “Location” refers to the locations of the institute.

#19952 Location Improvements

New fields in “Levels” menu under the “Main Settings” of “Configuration”.

  • Description - (Long Name)
  • ID Number
  • Website
  • Location Type (School, College, etc.)
  • LAT – LOT

#21450 New Languages supported

Translation of Classter to French and German and Arabic languages.

#22717 Examination Averages Calculation (Cross Company)

Support for cross-company calculation of averages per examination/assessment.

#20793 Communication Data

In this new version, the “Preferred Contact Method” list can be set and have preselected options (except from the “via internal message” option). Through the “General Settings” > “User Settings” > “Available preferred contact methods” you can set the options to be displayed on “My Profile” feature.

#20332 General Issues

  • Descriptive Listing Form
    • Keystroke function in the drop-down list.
  • Capability to show the Expiration Date field in the “Quizzes”.

#19991 & #19977 Custom Fields for all Entities

With this new version, you can activate different custom fields(multi-select) through “Main Settings” > “Customize Terminology”, and next to “General” tab there are the “Custom Students/Teacher/Other Contacts” tabs. These fields can be used by Students, Teachers, Contacts, and Relatives.

  • Create values of custom fields with a dropdown type.
  • Group files above a group and display them in the correct order, in different entities’ forms.
  • New form “Parametric Lists” in “General Settings” to create the available options of the custom fields.
    • Type [dropdown]
    • Parametric Lists [custom dropdown options]

#20091 Postcodes

The field “Post Code” so far, was a textbox. With this new version, this field has become a drop-down list with the area’s postcodes options. However, if you don’t want to use the custom postcodes, you can deactivate the option “Use custom postcodes”, in “General Settings” > “Basic Settings” > “Import Settings” > “Use custom postcodes”.

#22427 Deletion of Internal Messages

On Portal, an open internal message/email/SMS from the message center can be archived by teachers. Also, bulk deletion for selected internal messages/emails/SMS from the message center of the teacher is now supported by Classter.

#15434 Improvements in Groups List

New filters have been added in “Manage Groups” option, same with those on “Students List”.

  • Level
  • Years
  • Program
  • Categories
  • Basic Group (brings the groups that have been mentioned as basic)