#20090 Customizing CRM Categories based on Portal roles

Until today, an admin could not specify the CRM categories security rights for the Employees or Secretaries when they access the portal. Although the admin could specify security rights for all CRM categories for Classter Manager, those rights did not apply when the user accessed Portal. This improvement extended the CRM categories configuration page so that Admins can now give rights to Employee portal roles. The Admin & Secretary type roles can come in the “CRM Settings” configuration screen on Manager.

  • “Special Settings” > ” Appearance options” > ” To selected roles”.

#21049 Event Creation

In the creation of a new event, new filters have been added so that the selection could be easier. You can choose students per “Year”, “Group”, “Subject”, and the same options appear when you add teachers.

Also, an “Add to my Calendar” option that can be active or not has been added so that the creator of the event can display the event on his/her calendar.

#21843 Improvements in events creation

  • Teacher in event creation can add other teachers as receivers/participants.
  • In employee’s selection when you “Add Participants”, a “Categories” box exists with first option “All”.
  • “Show in Calendar” option so that the user can control if an event should be displayed on the calendar. Also, filter for the events with no display on the calendar is available.
  • The “Short Description” text can be displayed when you click an event from the calendar, above the “Description”.

#19745 Minor Improvements in Events

Attending to Events”: Users can select a range of dates and not a specific one as it used to be (helps when you don’t remember the exact date of the event).

Add Parents to an event: In the list of parents, we added the name(s) of the related students.

#20078 Administration CRM

The new version of Classter gives the opportunity to administrators to register CRM in multiple entities. Administrator’s options are:

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Relatives
  • Employees

#20109 Calendar and Student’s Position

The Daily Calendar allows you to submit the position of the student in the school easily and quickly.

New Option called “Student Position Calendar”.

  • Appears in Secretary / Admin / Owner.
  • When you add absences, you can use the positioning of the calendar.
    • In Portal: “Academic Settings” > ”Attendance Settings” > ”General Attendance Settings” you can activate the option “Update Positioning Calendar Through Attendance”, available only for Secretary & Admin users.
  • “Last Known Position” on the Dashboard: On parents’ dashboard, above the timeline, information about the last position of the student is provided.
    • Full Name – Status – Date/Time – Comment