#18895 Transportation Module

Classter has the capability in this new version to create Routes, with the declaration of buses’ information and students’ addresses based on the route they would like to choose. The Institute designs and manages routes with FROM and TO destination.

  • Starting from the “Configuration” menu, at the drop-down list of “Transportation”, you select “Route Category”, and you create the different route categories, if they exist.
  • Subsequently, you can create “Zone” of the route. By this we mean, the orientation of the bus and the exact time of the route.
  • On the “Route’s Header” option, you can create the basic characteristics of the route, for example, what Zone represents, and its category.
  • Also, at the “Management” option, “Students” > ’’Students’’ you select a student and in the “Views & Statistics” tab you select “Transportation”.
  • In the next three tabs, you can create route per student per day, or “Intentions” / “Exceptions” for emergency changes you might want.
  • Finally, at the “Management” menu, at the “Transportation” > ’’Routes Configuration’’ option, is possible to place each student to each route and to create the mapping of the routes.

#20114 Transportation Module (2nd Round)

Besides, this version has a form used by the Bus driver/co-driver which tracks the pickups and the get offs of a student through a special screen. In “Management” menu, we have upgraded the “Transportation” option, and when the bus driver/co-driver selects “Student Daily Routes” he/she can submit the “Check IN” and “Check OUT” of every student.

#22113 & #21764 Improvements in Transportation Module

  • Students’ routes can be copied in every day.
  • “Reset Position” option on the map.
  • “Routes Configuration” – with a click on the student’s name, a new tab will open with the defined “Transportation” of the student.
  • “Route Stop” – The “Description” box has now a max size.

#21267 Transportation Reports

In transportation menu, under “Management” list, “Transportation” > ”Routes Configuration” you can preview, and export “Reports” related to:

  • “Bus Routes List” – “Bus Routes” – “Drivers Routes Program” – “Drivers Schedule”.

#21804 Improvements in Transportation

Some extra features in the transportation module:

  • Display of the route per student or route.
  • Export the route in EXCEL file.

#21865 Transportation Tab in Read only Mode

In “Students List”, in grid view, in “Actions” button, depending on the rights, the “Preview & Edit” option can be hidden, but the “Transportation” option can be a read only option.