#21582 Improvements in Office365 Integration

The option "Convert to Office365 Email Account" is now a bulk action (for the selected users). When students are imported through an excel file, Office365 accounts are created automatically.

#21458 API ISBN for Paid Editions

The ISBN.com integration has changed plans (free edition removed). Classter uses the new APIs and paid plans to lookup for books. Customers must purchase the paid plan to use Classter’s integration with isbn.com

#21913 Google API Integration – Users Creation

The logic is like Office365. Classter will automatically create Google users for all students, teachers or employees created in Classter. It will also add their properties and provision their email boxes. Note that Google API and Office365 cannot be used simultaneously.

#22065 & #21063 Crowdin Integration

Crowdin In-Context tool allows translating texts directly within the actual web application. Classter sends a URL to the user, the user logs in, selects Institute, then the language to be translated at the “Target Language”, and logs in with an account from the list. Then on Portal, selects the language to translate and edits the translations.

#19641 Google – G Suite

Classter implements the Single Sign-on with the proposed methodology of Google. By extending Single Sign-On (SSO) to our cloud app, we can use our corporate credentials to sign into our software as a service (SaaS) app. SSO provides a single point of authentication through an Identity Provider (IdP). In that way, Classter wants to increase security by enforcing SSO while providing the convenience of SSO to users. Through the “General Settings” > “Third-Party Integrations” > “Google G Suite Settings” you can activate this provider. Note that you can have one active third-party provider, either Office or Google G Suite.

#22610 BrightSpace Integration

Classter integrates with BrightSpace, which is a flexible learning management platform that helps in better learning outcomes by offering every learner a highly personalized, digital experience. In the system users can create, host, and edit online learning resources. Through “General Settings” > “Third-Party Integrations” > “Brightspace” you can follow the instructions to register to the platform.

#22475 SMS AMD Telecoms

Classter enables a new SMS gateway interconnection, the AMDTelecom. Through “General Settings” > “Third-Party Integrations” > “SMS Settings”, you can change the “Provider” and select “AMDTelecom”.