#20199 New field PosOrder

This new field defines the appearance order of the consents when they include categories (Admission student form, Admission documents).

#19644 Consents Management

Portal-level password identification was not available, so Classter developed the implementation of Two-Factor Authentication. Two-Factor Authentication is used in:

  • [Consents] and [Profile Changes] that are multiple choice.

The authentication method can be through:

  • [Email] or [SMS].

When this setting is activated, we consider that in the selected functions we should send a temp code random created (60 minutes availability). A message then will be sent as an email or SMS, depending on the second setting.

  • Message: Hi, please use the following security code.
  • Security Code: xxxxxxxx

Consents: When Two-factor is activated, an introduction popup textbox appears and then a box to insert code “This energy demands import of a security code. You can either request for a code or if you already have it, insert it to the appropriate box below”.

#20806 Digital Signature

New option in “Two-factor authentication” menu, “General Settings”>”Basic Settings”, called “Use digital signature” with an “ON/OFF” button.