#19149 Consents Management

Full management of consents for parent users. Capability to configure and set-up required consents. Pop-up form for consents capturing during logon process. Part of the admission/supporting documents.

#17610 Tab Consents added in Student Forms (admin portal)

New Tab with consents in Student forms. The list Student per Consents is provided.

#17617 Management of roles in Portal – Roles per period

Management of Roles for portal users is extended. Important privileges supported. There are even more to be added in next versions.

New roles per school period. Now, a user may have a role, but may have different privileges per school period. This can be used during the set-up of next year's periods when users should be able to see only specific options for next year.

#17553 On-the-fly Pseudo-Anonymization

Based on a specific UserTypeRole, a back-office user may have access into the system without viewing personal data at all. All student's, teacher's or other person's name data are pseudo-anonymized on the fly.

The following fields are hidden: Name – Surname – ID/Passports – Addresses – Phones – Photos.

#19098 Anonymization of students, teachers and relatives

The Anonymization button applies a non-reversible conversion of all personal data into Asterisks (***). Data are lost forever. Only system owners can perform this action. This action applies to Students, Employees, Teachers.

The following fields are replaced: Name – Surname – ID/Passports – Addresses – Phones – Photos.

Note: Photos and personal files are deleted from Classter.

#19167 My personal data in users profil.

A parent may check all existing personal data in Classter using this report. The report must be enabled in their role and exist in their profile. This is a default report. You may need to customize this report based on your needs. If so, please contact our support center.

#19037 DPO Setting

DPO setting for email notifications, reports and future needs.

#19069 Password Strength

Capability to enable strong password policy

#19063 Password Expiration policy

Enable expiration policy (number of days for password change)