#17448 Messaging Center – new tool for mass SMS/eMailing and newsletters

A new tool for sending messages is added to portal. This tool uses the internal message methodology, but it can also send SMS and emails (we will soon add push notification).

All messages sent via this tool are also sent as internal messages. The table of internal messages is used as a log book of all messaging for a user.

The tool provides the following sending options: e-Mail, SMS, User Preferred Method.

In the last option, the message is send either as an e-Mail or as a SMS based on the end user's preferences.

Selection of recipients (employees portal):

For employee users, the tool provides special tools for selecting recipients. The user can select students, teachers, employees and relatives. Additionally, the end user can select recipients using as a filter a specific student. The user may select Parents, Guardians, Financial Responsible, Financial Contact responsible by filtering students.

Emails are sending using the MailGun gateway.

#15082 User Profile: new options added - “Do not send notification options” , Preferred communication method.

New drop down menu in users profile (students, teachers , parents) for enabling or disabling communication. If enabling, there are three possible communication methods (SMS , email, Internal Message).

#18834 Internal messaging among Employees and teachers

Teachers and employees can now send messages to each other using internal notification.

#16354 Evening Appointments - improvements

In the new edition, parents can add meeting comments/issues to discuss when they book an appointment with a teacher.

In the meeting actions, we added the option “Edit comment meetings”. This option displays a dialog form where the teacher can edit/add the appointment comment.

Teachers portal: in the teachers list, we added a new column “Meeting Main Comment” and the existing column is now renamed to “Meeting Completion comment”

#16900 CRM Points System

The new version supports points (positive / negative) for CRM actions. When a user adds a new CRM action or remark for a student, the action is associated with pre-defined positive or negative mark points. The pre-defined number of points is set up on the second literal (drop down) of the CRM action.

CRM points are used as a pointing system for measuring student behavior or actions. Those numbers are presented in the student progress form available to teachers, parents and employees along with students.

#17109 New CRM types : Αchievements/Rewards/Detentions

Three new CRM types are added: Achievements, rewards and detentions. You can use them to create CRM categories/actions. They are used to separate CRM actions apart and present them in student progress form. They can be used in conjunction with new pointing system (#16900).

#13827 CRM Completion - Set up possible next actions. (Only Classter Manager)

The completion of a CRM action may lead to a new CRM action. This feature is supported (for the time being) in Classter Manager. If a CRM completion action is configured like this, upon the completion of this CRM action, a pop-up form opens, and the end user can register a new CRM action. Until now Classter only allowed the end user to select any available (to end user) CRM action of the same type.

The new version allows the configuration of possible next actions. They must be of the same type. Now, only the list of selected CRM actions is presented to the end user. This allows the creation of workflow paths.

This configuration is done in the list of CRM completion types.

#19052 Στα CRM actions – Employee drop down auto-fill

When a new CRM action is created the employee field must be filled in. In the new version, the drop-down field will autofill with the logged in user.

This works only if the logged in user is associated with an employee entity. It does not work for Classter Manager only type of users (legacy Classter Users)

Related only with Classter Manager.

#19065 Calendar Pop up Notification event in Classter Manager

In Classter Manager, when a user opens the calendar, it will pop-up any upcoming meetings or events (calendar event notification).

#17589 Events – Classroom connection – Search for available classroom/resource

(Portal only) When a user creates a new event, a classroom searching tool is available. The tool allows the end user to select the classroom where the event could be held. Classter will reserve this classroom once the event is created.

#16395 Add TAGS in templates (SMS/email)

In the template management tool, we added the capability of adding TAGS. TAGS are related to DB fields and are automatically replaced by these data when an email or SMS is created (mail merge type of function).

#18927 Auto setting of Mentor in Student creation (Classter Manager only)

When a new student is created, the Mentor field is based on a special setting. The following values are supported:

0. Teacher or Employees – User selects

1. Auto-assignments of employee based on the logged in user.

If the setting is 0 or null, it works as it used to do.

If the setting is 1, then the option teacher is disabled and the list has only employees. If the logged in user is associated with an employee, then this employee is pre-selected.