#18318 Enable TAX Data.

#18349 Check for Duplicate entries using ID Numbers

When an application is submitted, Classter will check for duplicate ID numbers

#18491 Password Reset for Admission users

Password reset is enabled also for the admission users.

#19166 Delete my Account for Admission users

Admission users can delete their account.

#15756 Extra fields and layout format in Admission documents (supporting docs)

In admission document we added the following new (dynamic) fields:

  • UseFiles2
  • FileLabel2
  • FileCategory2
  • UseFIlesInAdmission2
  • UseFiles3
  • FileLabel3
  • FileCategory3
  • UseFIlesInAdmission3

Additionally, we have implemented an auto-layout tool where an administrator user can easily define the position and the size of every field presented in an admission document TAB. All rows have 12 Columns. Any field has a PosOrder setting and Col setting. Col may be from 1 to 12. Depending of the PorOrder and Col properties, fields are presented so that they can fit in a row. For example:

  • Field A, Pos1, Col3
  • Field B, Pos2, Col6
  • Field C, Pos3, Col6
  • Field D, Pos4, Col2

In this case, Field A and Field B will be in the first row (3+6=9<=12) and Field C will go to the second line (because 3+6+6>12)

#19160 Set-up mandatory fields in Demographics TAB

In the Wizard/Admission we added a new setting “Required fields in demographics TAB in registration”

This setting is a multi-select drop down with the following options

  • Name
  • Last Name
  • ID Card Number
  • Issue Authority
  • Student’s TAX ID Number
  • Student’s Email
  • Student’s Mobile Phone

All selected fields can be mandatory in the demographics TAB of the admission application created by candidates.