#17773 Migrate Manager reports to Portal

We migrated about 30 Classter Manager reports to portal.

#17773(2) Web Report Designer

We have integrated Stimulsoft Report Designer.

#19097 Delete button for students, teachers and relatives.

We added a delete button for all major entities in portal.

#15169 Create a copy - siblings

Method A: In the list of students, there is the button “Bulk Actions\Create Relatives”. This button will display a dialog where the end user may select one or more students. Upon saving, Classter will make these students siblings and as the same time (if possible) and merge all relatives. (Please note that this works with students selected in the dialog form and not with students selected in the student grid).

Method B: In the student's form, on the top right Action button, we added the option “Create a copy”. This option is available only in existing students (you need to save a new student before you can find this option). It will create a new student with the Last Name pre-populated and all relatives added. The initial student will be automatically added as a sibling. The end student may add more data and save the new student.

#16323 Improvements in CRM Action Portal

#19446 CRM creation for employees

#14792 Add mentor in Student Form

#15966 Extra Fields in Enrollment TABS (student form)

#17104 CRM 2nd drop down – Edit form in Portal

#16592 Classroom management in Portal

#16618 Attendance List in Portal

#16663 Student – Relatives connections - improvements

#17547 User Accounts management in Portal - improvements

#18436 Password management in Portal for admins

#17607 ID Card form

#17610(2) Tab Admission in student form

#17694 Students Per list in Students grid

We added the following student per:

  • Students per subjects
  • Students per [YEAR]
  • Students per Group
  • Students per activity
  • Students per medical data
  • Student per demographic data (the end user can select any of the 6 custom student drop down, Nationality, Religion, Category, Sex)
  • Students per Consents

#17747 Teacher CRM Page

#17323 Import Students from EXCEL using the Portal

Initial approach for importing students using EXCEL. It can be used with any EXCEL and provides a mapping of columns into DB fields. You don’t need to use IDs in EXCEL. Classter will look up for values using the description field for all drop down values.

#17605 Descriptive Assessment & Marking result in Student Form (Employees portal) and in Statistics Progress report (student/parent/teacher) portal

#17742 Publish & Locking Marking Period

#17759 Extra Address support in Portal

#18318 Marks list/grid in Employees Portal