#16572 District Management section in Wizard

#17983 District management menu in Portal

#17918 Students from all instates (portal)

#17936 Copy settings and configuration to another institute

#16970 Transfer students among institutes (portal)

In the student list, in a grid view option, we can select one or more students and perform the “Transfer to another institute” action (available in the Bulk actions menu).

This will open a dialog with the following fields:

  • Date: Date of transfer (= date of contact for the new school)
  • Use Custom Institutes OFF/ON: if ON, then the transfer refers to a school that it is not in the customer’s Classter system. If Off, then you can select an institute that exist as a school/entity in the Classter DB. In the first case, you need add the external institute/school as a school in the other contacts section before using this option.
  • Institute -> Single Select list that contains all institutes/school that I am allows to see based on the setting: Students_Transfer_To_Other_Institute (district settings)
  • Transfer Parents: ON/OFF
  • Promote Data/Keep Data (mid-year transfer) Radio Button [Σύμβολο] If promote then it will promote the student to next school year.
  • Comments->TextBox


A transfer of a student, will:

  1. Copy all basic demographic student data. It also sets the Student CrossCode and enables the ΑccountID for the new school
  2. Add educational programs to the student
  3. Copy parents/relative data
  4. Transfer SEN/Medical data if exists
  5. In the old school sets the student status equal to the status with the check TransferedFromInstitute and with ChangeDate=Transfer date specified by the end user in the dialog.
  6. In the new school sets the student status equal to the status with the check TransferedToInstitute and with ChangeDate=Transfer date specified by the end user in the dialog.
  7. It sets the transfer information in the School Transfer Data form (both in the origin and destination schools). Any comment added by the user is also added there.

#16970 (2) Transfer teachers among instates (portal)

In teachers list, I can select one ore more teachers and then select the “Transfer teachers” . This opens the dialog with the following options:

  • Date: Change of transfer (= date of contact in the destination school)
  • Institute: Single Select of all schools I can send teachers to. The list is defined in the Wizard (Teachers_Transfer_To_Other_Institute)
  • Keep Teacher as Active OFF/ΟΝ: If ON then the teacher remains also active in the origin school. If Off the teacher status is changed to inactive with date of change equal to the date of transfer.

#16981 Teachers/Parents single sign on among multiple institutes (portal)

It can be used if a teacher or a parents uses Office365 or personal email to logon. Classter will ask the end user to choose role and then school (institute)

#15401 New tools for marking setting copy from one institute to another

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