10.2018 Edition

About this version The new version of Classter (released on October 2018) is available, and here is a list of the updates. Read the most significant developments this version provides: Google Apps Integration. Apple School Manager Integration. Brightspace Integration. SMS AMD Telecoms Integration. Transportation Module. Management of student position (check in/out - Portal only). Fast Absences Entry for Admin/Secretary/Owner (Portal only). New feature in Portal - “Manage Contacts”. Custom Fields for Students, Parents, Employees, Teachers (Portal only). Group overall evaluation by teacher. Teachers of a group instant communication. Drop down list for PostCodes – Cities (Portal only). Filter list per location (Portal only). Connected contacts in Companies or Contact form (Portal only). Improvements in Assingments cycle. New Timetable creation methods (Portal only). Surveys distribution in events. Improvements in Consents - “Two Factor Authentication” and "Digital Signature". Improvements in feature called “Substitution”. New capability to define the Type of the Teacher. Block Assessment Dates per Year and/or Group. New capability to attach files in “Duties” in Teacher’s Dashboard. Special Screens to support “Duties” for kindergarten and primary school. Portal supports the uploading of students’ data. Administration can now register CRM into multiple entities. New fields in Teacher’s form. New screen for Descriptive Marking. Location – New fields in Portal. Financial in Portal (Bulk Arrangements, Billing Categories, etc.). SEPA Transactions.

Quick Actions Feature - 10.2018 Edition
#20785 Quick Actions New Window A quick “Search” slider/window is now available on the right side. The end user can search for students/teachers/relatives...
Fri, 15 Nov, 2019 at 12:38 PM