5.2018 Edition

About this version This edition of Classter (released on May 2018) is another important step for Classter development. Below is a list of the most important developments: 1) This is the first full web edition of Classter. Employees and back office users can replace the use of Classter Manager with the newly developed web employees and admin portal. We expect from our customers to start using this new amazing interface as soon as possible. The new interface is web based, mobile friendly and it replaces about 75% of the total Classter Manager functionality. Our strategy is to make Classter an all-in-one web and mobile based, cloud SaaS school and learning management system. 2) Classter is fully re-designed to support GDPR requirements. We have improved security, user access control, password management and we created new tools such as consents management, anonymization and many more. 3) This is the first edition of Classter that combines school and learning management (LMS), all in one platform. In particular: in addition to exam and test management, grade reports and attendance management, we now support: Management of sessions & homework and digital content Management of personal or team assignments and upload of student work/answers. Online quizzes and questionnaires Course plans & monitoring of their implementation Real time learning delivery using WebEx training center 4) Classter is among the few school management systems (world-wide) that support integrated web-based timetable creation and management 5) We improved Admission and Enrollment management. 6) We keep on internationalizing our platform. We support German, Arabic and soon French in addition to English and Greek. Turkish are about to be fully supported soon in this Version too.

Classter for Higher Education specific changes - 5.2018 Edition
#16566 Certificate Eligibility tool #16445 Change Subject status based on annual result #18833 Auto-enrollment of failed subjects
Fri, 15 Nov, 2019 at 12:46 PM
Classter for K12 specific changes (Kindergarten & Child centers) - 5.2018 Edition
Add Kindergarten Mode in Homework tool (see #18635 in Academics)
Fri, 15 Nov, 2019 at 12:47 PM