#26858 Manage file to external storage. Classter now saves any file to Azure Blob storage. This change enhanced security and performance for all modules using files.  

#27836, #28176 Support for dynamic terminology for all major entities: It is now possible for admins to change the terminology for the following entities: Student, Teacher, Group/Class, Subject/Unit. The change has been implemented in Configuration > Main Settings > Customize Terminology 

#26130. Multilingual support in Customize Terminology. The user can select a language and add the literals at the selected language. 

#26633. The Quick Actions button has been added at the dashboard. The user can use the Search tab to find a contact, the Actions Menu tab to access the Quick Create, Management Views and Special Actions or use the New transaction tab to create a new transaction for the selected student and manage the online payments. 

#31275 Quick Search is now enhanced to search students from all academic periods or with no educational program (i.e. with no academic period)  

#17968. Implementation of the configuration management in portal: Settings for the following modules and their features have been added: Core, Academic, CRM, Billing and Moodle. 

#23012. Student registration statistics feature has been added. The user can use the form to export various statistical data concerning the students' registration or re-registration, taking into account the status of the students in specified time intervals of the selected period. 

#32073 Student registration statistics improvements – A new group per basic group is added.  

#23740. Improvement of layout for all Grids: basic buttons (print, export, manage columns, show number of entries and search) have been moved in one row. Column Selection option improvements. Columns selected is now cashed. New button that allows some grids to maximize. Layout of most grids now follow the same UI principles (common look & feel). Most grids now support clickable rows. 


#25102. Improvement of layout for all Grids: At the Show Entries dropdown list in grid view, the option 1000 has been added so that the user can see up to 1000 entries per page. Any user selection above 250 is not cashed anymore.  

#25350. Notification Services implementation. A new module allowing the implementation of notification services & batch jobs is added.  

#26065. Controls of Concurrent entities editing: New setting has been added to enable the user to edit multiple entities at the same time: Main Settings > General Settings > Basic Customization > Basic Settings --> Entities editing at the same time. (this feature was before only in Classter Manager)  

#26507. Custom fields setting: The user can show/hide custom fields: Main Settings > Customize Terminology > Edit > Activate/Deactivate. 

#28133. System Post Codes enhancement: The user (admin/staff) can re-order the post codes and save the re-ordering: Main Settings > Dropdown lists > System > Postal Codes > Drag n' drop to change order. You can save re-ordering or use Auto Order to return to initial ordering. 

#28666 Bulk import of students using EXCEL – Minor improvements for mandatory fields and general improvements for the whole operation. Added new fields for students import. 

#25195 Add Company Selector in the dashboard right top corner. 


#25194 Design Student, Teacher and Employee personal Cards. Connection with RFID tool. Print out of cards for all entities. Bulk card creation added. Settings for how card number is created. Special tool for card layout design.  

#24614 New Logging capabilities. Enabled using general Application Settings. If so, a Log button is added to Student Form (Main Profile, Demographic Data, Enrollment, Qualifications). Improvements in Educational program logging. Students  Student List  Click on a Student  Log button on Basic Data 

#30436 Additional field for secondary address line for all entities (student, teacher, parents, employees). 

#31485 New Black theme option.   

#31734 Holidays and Days-off management tool. Admin can specify specific dates as Holidays in the school calendar. These holidays can act as control points for inputs such as: absences, assignments, homework etc. Configuration  Main Settings  Basic Customization  Holidays Configuration 

#3302 Parents Portal – View of Student’s Classes/Subjects: A new option is added in the parent's portal. Parents can now view their student’s Classes and Subjects.  

#31500 How-to and Custom Manuals. Classter now provides the How-to option to all employee type of users. All new manuals are uploaded in this section. We also added the capability to add custom manuals per client/customer.  

#29485 Report Designer – It now allows you to download an RDL, edit and upload. It also supports a copy of a standard Classter report, so that the admin can customize it.  

Student Forms & Lists

#17375. A warning message alerts user when he/she creates a duplicate student or teacher contact. It checks name, surname and mobile number in combination. 

#25423(b). Educational Program changes log added to employee’s portal 

#25196. Improvements at the Add Educational Program sub form: Add Curriculum and Marking structure 

selection. The user can search in the Course field using a word or phrase from the course title. Additionally, the curriculum structure label is automatically updated when the user selects from the marking structure dropdown list. Changes in the UI related to registration number.  

#26788. Students per Educational Program enhancement: Two fields have been added to this view, Last Registration Status and Last Registration Status Change, so that the user can see student's latest registration status and the date it was last changed. Students List > View > Predefined Views --> Students per Educational Program. 

#33664 #32369 Students per Educational Program enhancement: We added the student address data in columns. Columns are by default hidden. End users should select them in order to view them using the column selection tool. We also added the Family Status field there.  

#28016 New Tab in Student Form: Admission, Qualification, Applications and Custom Qualification (used initially for School Leaving Certificate data in Higher Education implementations) are added 

#26510. Messages submenu has been added to Students, Parents, Teachers, Employees profiles (available to admin/staff): Edit e.g. student profile > Views & Statistics tab > Messages. 

#28509 Students with No Educational Program Support (ported from Classter Manager): It is now possible to save and edit a student with no education program (i.e. a student who is not related to an academic period). End users can search student with no educational programs using quick search  

#31043 Additional setting that forbids users from saving a student without an assigned educational program.   

#27364 Change of Student Address - Change address also to siblings with Cohabitation. If a student has a 

sibling with the cohabitation option switched on, then when the address changes in one of the siblings, it will change to all other siblings that live in the same place (i.e. cohabitation is on)  

#26507 Students Parametric Drop-down fields visibility settings: Admins can configure the visibility or not of the 6 parametric drop down fields available in the main pane of personal profile TAB of the student form. In order to setup visibility, you need to go to the terminology and set visibility to off or on for each field.  

#21054 Improvements on the basic Student’s list (grid view). It is now possible to sort out students 

based on: Reg Num, Year, Stream, Location, Birthday, Username, Gender, Code, Father's Name, Mother's Name, ID Number, General Category. Students  Students List  

#25162 Improvements on the basic student’s list. In Manage Columns selector; we have added an additional checkbox for selecting mother’s and father’s Last name in order to appear in search results.  

#25162 (b) In Relatives management we added a column with mother’s last name. Students  Students List Click on Column Options Button 

#29771 Reregistration information in the main student list (called Quick View – optional field) In the student list it appears the information about registration or reregistration from one academic to the next (reregistered from previous and has registered to the next) 

#30394 Additional field in demographic’s data input for ID’s expiration date. Students  Student List  Select a Student  Demographic Data 

#33370 New Report “Students per All Additional Data"   added. (it provides an export method for additional addresses and contact data for all students)  

#31627 Students Per Period grid added. It enables customer to search and view students in any status from all academic periods. It provides filters using the 6 parametric fields. 

#31488 A new label added underneath the Student Name in the student form. The label is customizable in the general setting. If enabled, it can present the student code or student ID Number of Student Tax Number etc.   

#31271 A delete student option is added in the Student Form. Furthermore, it is now supported to delete a student even if the student has an annual result.  

#31006 In the Gender Option we added the option None so that Classter complies with new EU regulations. The option can be hidden in the applicant's portal using a general setting.  

Teacher & Employee Related  

#29009 Enable Supervisor mode for options My Students and My Groups in the teacher portal  

#26007. Teacher: My Subjects menu enhancements: Show Subjects and Enroll Status filters have been added i.e. the user can select to see subjects e.g. that he/she teaches, supervises, reviews, and he/she is the basic teacher, assistant etc. 

#29008(a) Teacher Portal – Student List: Improvements in the student list grid  

#29008(a) Teacher Portal – Student List > Student Statistics > Marks Analysis: The option Analysis per marking categories is added. Allows teachers to view all marking categories marks in a table (instead of the tooltip option available till now)  

#26846. If the teacher's status is inactive, the teacher's icon in the group statistics will have a tooltip informing that he/she is inactive. My groups > Group Statistics. 

#25530. Teacher Financial tab: The Compensation categories have been added in the main settings drop down lists in order to enable customization. 

#25531. Teacher Financial tab: Completion of the implementation of the Calculate Final Cost function. 

#25537. Teacher Financial tab: Financial categories terminology changed to Monthly Paid and Hourly Paid. 

#25803 Students per Educational Program – Improvements. Add new filters and new columns.  

#29315 New field on teacher’s profile for adding tax-related data. 

#30444 We have added the functionality of enrolling classes to teachers in bulk. Personnel & Contacts  Teachers  Select the teachers  From “Actions” Button select “Allocate to Classes”  Select Classes from the popup menu. 

#33023 Report for contact data for Employees and Teachers together.  

#31803 Teachers Portal – My Groups – Improvements with marking period comments UI.  

Consents and Profiles 

#24612. Student/Parents profile feature improvement. Students can change personal, contact data and consents. The User Profile report has been transformed relatively (GDPR view). When a user changes the profile, an employee is notified by internal message (a relative general setting was added). Employees can copy student/parents profile data changes to the main card. Profile Data button added in the Students, Teachers and Parents form. End users can copy modified profile data from user profile to their normal entity form.  

#27588. Mandatory Consents will be shown at the students' login page. (until now, it was supported only for parents’ login) 

#27890. Teachers/Employees Profile tab improvement: At the Contact area of the tab, the Contact Information button has been renamed to Profile Data and moved to the right side of the page. The In case of Emergency button has been moved to the left of the page. 

#27680 Re-design of Students Per Consents Management. The Consents management is now redesigned for performance reason. Consent dropdown should be restricted with Accept/Not Accept check box selection. All lists provide 3 options. Accept Answer, No Accept Answer, No answer given.  

#32947 An Age option per consent is added. As a result, admins now can enter consents to be answer by students while other consents answered by parents depending on the age set per consent.  

Qualification Management 

#27027, #28608 Qualification / Certification management ported to Portal. (Ex-Certification management in Classter Manager). A new qualification management TAB is added in Students Form. Each student can now add multiple qualifications based on preselected drop downs or add free text qualifications or certifications. Qualifications and Certifications are now connected with special type of Subjects (Subject Type= Qualification) allowing any qualification to be related to points and qualification criteria structures.  

Enrollments & Allocations 

#25340. Implementation of Students' Automated Enrollment to Mandatory Groups and Subjects. Each Course has 2 or more Main Groups per Year. Each Main Group is associated with all mandatory Subjects of the Year. This function enrolls each Student to the Main Group (Class) of the Year he/she is enrolled. It also enrolls the student to all the Subjects of the Main Group. [available to College and University institutions] 

#25128 Student Enrollment TAB enhancements for Higher Education. A new view and tools for managing student enrollments to classes and subjects based on curriculum data. Management of curriculum teams. Tool to add subject not in curriculum. New management of main group per educational program. Tools to change class/group per enrolled subject. (All apply only to Higher Education configuration)  

#30191 Bulk action button: Enroll Groups and subjects to students. There are 2 versions of this form: One for Higher Education (using Curriculums) and one for schools. Available in the students grids, actions menu on the top.  


Student Status Management 

#25423(a). Bulk Student status change feature added to employee’s portal 

#25423(c). Next allowed Student Status (status workflows) feature added. Classter now supports built in workflows that auto-set the next allowed student status of a student. The configuration of this feature will be developed in a future edition 

#25423(d). Improvements in Student Status configuration. Each status is now related with a status type Enumeration (Admission, Registration, Deletion etc). For each status , it is defined if an action is executed in the external provider. Student status is now connected with Applications Status  

#26513. Reason of status change. If the setting is activated, the user can enter the reason of change in a popup text box when he/she changes the assessment/assignment status. 

#26363. Filter menu setting. The user can re-order the Filter menu options in the Student List except for the option All, which remains always 1st on the list: Main Settings > Drop Down lists > Students > Status --> Drag and Drop to re-order the list. 

#26363 Position ordering capability for student status. Now admins can configure the presentation order for all student status.  

Main Entities (Grade/Subject/Group etc 

#25019. Grade (Year) Entity improvements. At the About Course tab, the Language dropdown list has been added so that the user can add course information in multiple languages. At the General Data tab, the Language of Teaching, Level and Type fields have been added. At the Academic tab, the Marking Structure & Curriculum button has been added so that the user has access to the marking scenarios. The Admission Data tab has been added so that the user has access to admission information. [Available to College and University institutions]. Timetable constraints are added as a pop up form. The user can go to the list of Years (grid view) and using the action button in each line, he/she can edit the timetable constraints for the whole year.  

#25101. Subjects Entity improvements: At the General Data tab, the field Type has been added so that the user can define the type e.g. Subject, Thesis, Practicum etc. He/she can also add 2nd and 3rd Supervisor (content and mark verifiers). Additionally, the Timetable tab has been added, so that the user can use the constraints to see the unit's scheduled timetable. In the Academics TAB, the outcome criteria model is added.  

#27197. Subjects' General Data tab improvements: The a 2nd Supervisor (Content Verifier) and 3rd Supervisor (Mark Verifier) entities added.  

# 26045. Subjects Entity enhancements implementation. The field Criteria Model Scenario has been added at the Academic tab, to enable the user (staff/admin) to define the marking scenario.  

#25020. Group auto creation: The setting Auto_Create_Group_From_Subject has been added. If activated, a relevant group will automatically be created when the user creates a subject. 

#25258, #29607 Group form enhancements: Add Subjects not in the same Grade/Year, Add subjects based on curriculum, add teachers in the subjects list.  

#26193. Drag and Drop function added so that the user can sort (i.e. set position order) in grid views entries of Classes, Years, Courses and Units lists. 

#26551 Implement Next/Prev button and entity selector in Teacher and Group forms.  

#26194 Ban Enrollments for Educational Program entities. A check box “Ban Enrollement” is added in the Grade/Year form and in the Stream/Program form. If selected, the entity is not selectable in the student educational program form. (i.e. student cannot enroll to these educational programs). This option is used when we want to categorize subjects/units into educational programs (i.e. Grade/Years or Streams) but those programs should not be enrolled to students.  

#25102 Export Grade/Year admission and all data tools.  

#32354 Improvements in the view Subjects per Group. The view is now redesinged to follow the same UI as any other view in Classter. It also presents now all teachers enrolled to each Group/Subject.  

#32102 Subject Planning. A new date field is added.  

#31453 Subject can now be associated with more than one Grades/Year/Courses. In the Subject list , we can view the same subject under each Grade. An additional Grades option is added in the Subject form > Main TAB.  

#29335 A new tool added for bulk adding a new subject in an existing curriculum.  

#24608 Grades List / Grid – A new report to print associated curriculum data.  


#26482. Security has been added to medical reports. When the user's role has no access rights to see student's medical data, these data will not be printed out on medical reports' exports either. 

#28005 Teachers can have access to Student’s medical data. There is a dedicated Medical Data button that shows all the relevant information. The admin will be able to configure to what kind of users this information will be shown (all Teachers, Teacher of the Student). Students > Students List > Views & Statistics > SEN & Medical Conditions 


Accounts & Security 

#28564. Role Management improvement. The user (admin) can make a role Active/Inactive using the checkbox Active that has been added. 

#28851. Change Password improvements: The user has to enter his/her current password before entering the new one 

#29200 First Password extensive use: First password is now shared among multiple institutes if the user has a slave account. First password is presented to Student, Teacher, Parents and Employees forms (it needs to be enabled in the general settings). End users can search using the first password in the quick search option.  

#28648 Entity Roles is now visible in each entity form. E.g. in the student form, the role of the student account 

is presented over the account email field with a special yellow icon. 

#28851 Change password made more secure. Now the end user should enter the existing password before he/she can change his/her password.  

#28633, #32377 Account Management improvements. The User Accounts got a lot of improvements. This includes the capability to add a free text search in the search parameters. Also, new actions and bulk actions are added such as new emails with account information. Users can now add and remove account emails, connect a user with an existing O365 or Google account, manage deleted account that are orphan, resend invitations or information letters also for O365 and Google enabled accounts etc. In the Students accounts list, the Grade/Year column is added. This is a searchable column using the general grid search box.  

#25413 Improvements in Role Management: Detailed Security privileges for student form access, list of student, edit/view of student data, medical data management. Action privileges related to create, edit and delete of absences, marks, assessment and application data.  

#24926 User Account name formatting enhancements. Now the name formatting support text/character replacement tools as well as other new tools and capabilities for formatting the username.  

#28449 The system gives now the opportunity to owner to log-on as Admission user. You can select this option from the drop-down menu by clicking on Admission. 

#30393 When a new student is registered, he/she will receive a personal email with Officer 365 or Google login credentials. The feature works only when O365 or G-Suite integration is enabled and based on the general settings related to sending a new email during student creation.  

#31324 Roles Management – A new option to copy user roles. Main Settings  Role Management Click on the Actions button  Select copy option 

#31224 We added the field that shows user Password to the account verification email template. 

#31271 Enable Role management for Slave accounts. Now admins can set up roles for an account even if the account is a slave one and it is managed by another institute.  

Cross Institute Management – District management 

#25134. New feature implementation: The user can activate relevant settings to make cross institution 

students/relatives transfers. Transfers are allowed for Students, Teachers and Employees 

#24436. Cross company classroom implementation: The user can use the multi-institute classroom allocation feature in Timetable and Create Event modules. [Available to College and University institutions] 

#25258. Cross-Institute Group feature added. Allows organization with multiple institutes to create Groups with students from multiple institutes.  

#25192 Tool to transfer Employees and teachers from one institute to another.  

#25134 Tool to transfer students from one institute to another. 

#29115 Tool to transfer a Grade/Year/Course from one institute to another. This is a new bulk action added in the top action menu within the Grades grid view. 

#25193. New feature implementation: Multi-entity user login in multiple companies. The user can have more than one role e.g. teacher and parent and access his/her Classter various profiles with a single-sign-on. Implementation of Master account entity. Any entity copied to another institute can be managed based on the master account.  

#31509 When entity data are changed in one institute , the change is sent to any other institute where the entity exist. Works for students, teachers and employee data. Works based on general setting and if slave account property is enabled.  

#25346. Institute/Cross-Institute Timetable reports per teacher, classroom, group. Timetable statistics such as number of sessions per day, per timetable period and classroom utilization. 

#27842 Cross institute user profile edit/management is supported. (available only with Slave/master account configuration)