Academics General  

#26062. Teachers/Parents/Students Dashboard/Calendar: The user can see more information about the new assessments added. 

# 24433. Student progress form enhancements. Annual Result Tab added. The user can see: the student's marks analysis per selected educational program, the curriculum requirements for total subjects' hours, total subjects' number and total subjects' credits, total student's enrollments, successfully completed subjects and remaining ones and he/she can calculate student's degree mark. [Applicable for College and University institutions] 

#31858 Student Progress Form / Student Statistics: A marking period filter is added, so that users can filter marks only for a specific marking period.  

#26110. A new report has been added: Daily marks. (presented in a menu based on the end-user role configuration) 

#25646. Marking Settings > Marking Criteria: The user can manage criteria/save criteria reordering. 

#26025. New email template types have been added to the Academic templates category: The user can create new templates using the following types. Assessment Notification, Assessment Warning Service Notification and Attendance Warning Email. 

#27003. When the user (admin/staff/teacher) deletes a session, the system makes a checking. If a marked assessment/assignment is attached to the session, the user will not be able to delete it. 

Academics Assignments/Assessments 

#26033. New Assessment enhancements implementation. The following functions have been added: Assessment Status, Classroom selection, Anonymous Marking, Edit of Marking scenario criteria, Initial sit definition, Save & Close, Add comments or Sent email notifications when the assessment status changes. Additionally, an Actions menu has been added, that enables the user (teacher/staff) to view the workflow log or warning sent and print out anonymous cards. 

#26071 Assessment Scheduling list changes. A new actions button is added. New filters for workflow support added. New filters for assessment status added. New columns added for status, retakes. New action button for status change added.  

#28930 Criteria/Outcome Models support in the assessment. The assessment now can be enabled to be marked using Criteria or outcome columns. The final assessment mark is the summary of all marks entered per criterion or outcome.  

#25988, # 26045. Bulk Assessment Planning. The user (teacher/ staff) can plan bulk assignment/assessments for a group and copy it to other groups. The feature is implemented in Subjects form as well as in My Subjects option in Teachers portal. Bulk planning is done per group/class. A copy function is implemented. The tool supports normal assessments and assessment where criteria or outcome model marking enabled. In the latter case, the user selects the criteria/outcomes for marking per assessment.   

#27794. Bulk Assessment Planning improvement: At the new assessment/assignment form the user (teacher/staff/admin) can use the Title button so that an automatic title is added by the system. Additionally, the marking period is set automatically, according to the date entered by the user. / Marks Edit improvement: If marks are approved, they cannot be edited by the user (teacher/staff). / Assessment Scheduling improvements: i) The user (admin/staff) can see the workflow log of the selected assessment: Assessment Scheduling > Use filters to show assessments > At the column Workflow Log, click at the button of the assessment you want to see it's workflow log. ii) The column Anonymous Marking has been added so that the user (admin/staff/teacher) can see if the Anonymous Marking of the assessments is activated. / Assessments Workload at the user's (student's/teacher's) dashboard is clickable so that the user can see basic info about the assessments. 

#26050. Assessments Workflows feature added: Assessments have now status (e.g. Waiting marking). Workflows are related to content approval, assessment publication, marking and marking review.  An Actions menu which enables the user to change the Status of the selected assignment(s) and/or Send Message to staff/teachers/students has also been added, as well as the Status column and the Next Status action button at each assessment entry in order to update assessment's status. 

#24626. Assessment/Assignment new setting added that enables a user to select the Employee that will receive Assessment Workflow Notifications. 

#25350. Attendance & Assessments Warning Services implementation. The system sends notifications to students/parents/employees of the total and/or unauthorized absences when the set limit is passed. / The system sends notifications to teachers/supervisors/employees about Assessment Verification Delay, Publication Delay, Marking Delay, Mark Review Delay and it changes Assessment status To Mark Awaiting after the due date. 

#26334. New Assignment enhancement: Teacher Internal Files and Teacher Internal Notes fields have been added. Information added to both fields is not shown to students/parents but only to teachers 

#26068. Assessment enhancement: Classroom availability check when the user (teacher/staff) selects classroom at new assessment creation. 

#26504. Synoptics (retakes) Management implementation. Synoptic (or take) assessments can be activated when a student's overall grade is Fail due to an authorized absence in an assessment. It enables the user to reschedule an assessment (synoptic) for the student who failed: Academic Tasks > Marking > Term Marking > Show marks > Create Synoptic Assessment. Note that assessments must relate to sessions in order to define which is the assessment that the student was absent. 

#26511. Assignment Deadline extension for a selected student. The user can use the Extension Date field to extend the date of assignment submission. 

#27806. My Students statistics enhancement: The Assessments tab has been added so that the user (teacher) can check out the student's assessments. My Students --> Assessments tab. 

#26063 Student Progress Form (student and parent portal) / Student Statistics form (teachers portal) : Presentation of assessment outcome marks   

#26060. Student Portal: Changes in Progress /Assessment Marks form: Support for Assessment with workflows. It includes changes in all Statics / graphical representations, presentation of mark limits, learning outcomes, upcoming assignments TAB, changes in the first TAB design.   

#24858. Student Portal: Changes in Progress /Assessment Marks form: Assessments' Weight column has been added. 

#26060. New Dashboard feature implementation: upcoming assessments list 

#26512. Lock Date in the new assignment feature has been added. The user can add/edit a lock date so that the assignment cannot be edited by the teacher. Teacher/Students can see the lock date. 

#26057 Assessment Marking form. Support for marking of outcomes and support for marking synoptic. Support for anonymous marking. Support for mark review.  

#33005 Report presenting all missing assignment of the day for students (i.e. students who have not done their assignment).  

#33003 Reporting presenting all assignment not marked by teachers. 

#32934 We enabled teachers to be able to notify students and/or parents for a new assessment publishing using their email.   

#32929 New Assessment, Assignment and new quiz options can now be dynamically configured by the Admin. This is part of the assessment of general settings.  

Marking (term, descriptive, daily)  

#25475. Final Marks per Group and Subject report improvement: In the case of co-teaching, both teachers' marks will be shown in the report. 

#27142. Marking Reports improvement. The marking reports can be set in a different way for every academic period e.g. in academic period 1 they present a & b, but in academic period 2, they present a & c. 

#25364 Enhancements in Term Marking. Support for assessment mark summary (instead of average supported till now). Support for assessments with outcomes. Presentation of all assessment marks and their related criteria or outcomes.  

#18614 Improvement on marking results table, the fields Last Name, First Name will be locked in the screen of marks input. Academic Tasks  Marking Results 

#31871 #31794 Improvements in the Descriptive marking form. The student name columns are now always visible. The horizontal bar is always visible. We now support colour in the drop-down values selected (a colour must be added in the marking scale). New tools added: Teachers can copy marks from previous periods and thy can auto-fill a whole column with the same mark.  

Academics Attendance 

#24624. Student Attendance enhancements: An attendance Statistical Overview function has been added at the Attendance feature which presents the student's total attendance ratio, total authorized/unauthorized absences and absences per subject. 

#24440. Student attendance report for stipends - cross-institution implementation. The user can have a report of student's attendance for stipends purposes in more than one companies of the institution. 

#24624. Session-Based attendance taking. A new attendance taking method is added: Per session. Teachers will need to create a session and take attendance based on the session. Session is created either dynamically (freely) or based on the scheduled timetable. Additionally, an Attendance Ratio query type has been added in the Attendance Analysis feature, which presents authorized/unauthorized absences and total attendance percentage per student. 

#26604. Attendance Analysis feature enhancement. The field Without Timetable Category has been added so that the user can filter results were absence submission was done without the use of timetable. 

#17389 Additional filters, columns, Views and Bulk actions in Attendance List. Academic Tasks  Attendance List.  

#27793. Attendance List improvement. The user (admin/staff) can use the bulk actions menu to verify all selected absences at once. 

#24950. Attendance Improvements related to the attendance submission per timetable. The timetable relates to sessions and the user can set how many minutes a timetable period (slot) lasts. A new setting enables continuative slots to suggest one logical session.   

#26344. New Attendance setting has been added: Academic Settings > Attendance > Attendance Settings --> Hide category selection from Teacher when submitting attendance. If activated, the user will not be able to define the absence category at Subjects Absences feature. 

#24950(b) Attendance taking the form (teacher portal) – Now the attendance category can be hidden.  


Academics Homework & Session 

#29039 Enhancements in the Parent’s Portal in the Homework section. Parent’s will be able to give feedback on the status of homework completion. Academic Tasks  Sessions & Homework  Homework --> Select Filters --> Show Homework --> Click on “+” icon on “Read Status” column. 

#31609 Improvements in Sessions functionality: connection with classrooms, overlapping sessions control, mass creation of sessions, connection with absences, data transfer from Bibliography, copy of the session. New sessions view UI for teachers, parents and students. Academic Sessions  Sessions & Homework  Session List  “+Create” or “+Create From Timetable” 

#33653 Allow Teachers to be able to delete Session – Logging of session deletion.  

#32767 A Due Date column is added in the Homework list. If the Due date is less than 24h then it is red. Visible to parents and students alike.  

#32977 Improvements in the Fast Absence Taking. The option is now transferred to the quick action menu for fast access. A new option enabled a whole day absence registration. The form now works with Student Cards (QR Codes and RFID Cards)  



#28163 Automatic Timetable creation service. Classter now supports the automatic timetable creation. A user can ask Classter to prepare automatically a timetable. A service will create a timetable that must be imported in Classter later manually.  

#23434. Timetable Enhancements. The user can: see the timetable slot comments as a tooltip when hovering the mouse over the timetable entry, can add and edit comments in each timetable session, easily move a slot with drag & drop,  update teachers' enrollments based on timetable entries, see timetable per day hours, group, teacher or classroom. Slot background colour corresponds to the one set at the teacher’s profile, subject or classroom depending on the selected layout. Tools for clearing up a whole line (whole group, teacher or classroom entries).  

#23434(b). Timetable Enhancements in the pop-up form. The form now presents detailed classroom data information, handles classroom availability for cross-institute classrooms.  

#28836 New Timetable scheduling tool: Calendar View. It allows the creation of the timetable per Group, Teacher or Classroom. The view present to left all allocations to be scheduled and to the right a week calendar.  

#28658 Improvements in the ASC timetable export and import.   

#26238. Room Types have been added in Classrooms. 

#26509 Existing teacher/class/subject allocations quick view pane. The pane added in the timetable scheduling form. It allows the end-user to check all existing allocations and drag n drop those into the scheduling form.  

#31481 constraints management on Grade/Year and Classrooms, Groups. Used in timetable creation. 

#31737 Copy Classroom action is added in the classroom management grid.  

Academic CRM  

#32933 We have now connected CRM actions with marking criteria and outcomes. We also enabled parents to give feedback to any academic CRM Added. A more comprehensive CRM implementation is supported for cases such as Learning Journal used in Kindergarten level.  

#32931 CRM actions enabled in the Assessment marking form. Admins can enable now teachers to add academic CRM remarks and send in bulk to students and parents based on assessment performance and status per student.  

#32932 CRM Actions are now connected with Assessments. This feature connects a CRM action with an assessment allowing reporting of actions taken per assessment.