Admission General Settings & Entities 

#26876 New Terminologies for Admission: New terms for all admission tabs is added under the general terminology section (general configuration)   

#25019 New TAB – Admission Data in Grades/Year Form. A new admission data tab added. Includes configuration data for how the particular entity works in admission portal and applications management.


#25344 (a) Add New Entity - Application Intake: Allows the admin to create multiple cycle or admission intakes per academic period. The user can make multiple application per intake based on configuration and restriction set. Configuration > Admission > Dropdown lists > Application Category > Add New.  

#25344 (b) Add New Entity – Application Type: Allow admins to create multiple Application Types per intake. Each Grade/Year or Course is related to one or more application types. Application types have a set of properties and restriction settings.  Configuration > Admission > Dropdown lists > Application Type> Add New.  

#25344 (c). Add New Entity - Application Category. The Application Category Type has been added. Application Categories are auto selected by Classter when a new application is added. Allow end users to have multiple queues of applications. Configuration > Admission > Dropdown lists > Application Category > Add New.  

#25344 (d). Add New Entity – Application Status: Application status entity is added. Student status is related to application status. It allows Classter to present a different application status to the applicants and a different student/progress status for the admission officers.  

#26160. Admission Data enhancement at the Grade/Year/Course entity: Main Settings > Educational Program > Grade > Edit > Admission Data tab > The user can add the Next Grades, Marks and Certification Level. 

#28903. The Registration instruction info setting has been added, so that the user (admin) can add the instructions text that will show up in applicants. Admission > Admission Settings > General Admission Settings.   

#28661 Admission Account user list added. All admission accounts are now not in the users accounts option. Instead a new account management tool is created just for applicants.  

#28655 Admission Document – Support for adding multiple files in each admission document.  

#28452 Admission Events Management & Admission Calendar Support: Classter now supports for creation of meetings, events and announcements for applicants. A special calendar for admission user is now supported.  

#30055 Applicant can send internal message to admission institute and this will be visible to all back-office users with role permission in message center. 

#26871 Personal Data Configurator:  New setup tool is added which allows admin to define what personal student data and demographics should be available, visible, mandatory and/or editable in the admission portal. (applicants portal/form). The same tool is also used to defining the fields to be available or mandatory in the Re-registration  

#30007 A information data placeholder is added in all fields in the Personal Data configurator. The text is presented as info tooltip next to each field label in the applicants portal / Personal Data form. Advanced Configurations  General Admissions Settings  Personal Data Configuration  click on Identification Data pencil icon 

#30577 Student Medical data added in the Personal Data Configurator. Thus, admins can open up those fields for applicants and parents to fill them in during initial admission or re-registration or personal data updates.  

#31191 Additional fields on all Admission email templates: First Name, Last Name, Username, E-mail, Password, Login Link, Student List Indication. 


Applicants Portal 

#24427. New Applicants Portal. Parents or students can sign up, login and register to multiple educational programs of the selected academic period. They can add the required admission documents and data, create a message to staff and submit their admission application. Admission now creates applications.  

#28355 Support dynamic forms for entering relative, guardian or parents’ data by applicants. Admission now allows an automatic presentation of relative’s related fields in the applicant's portal, based on applicants age and a set of admission settings. Based on configuration the applicant will be to add information about his/her parent (father or mother or both) and just the guardian. The form is auto-hidden for adult applicants.  

#28417. Online Admission enhancement. By the submission of the application, the applicant receives an email with the application number. 

#28781 Support for multiple addresses and contact data in the applicant’s portal added.  

#32050 Do not fill student name when admission is done by parents. This allows an easier use of the existing Admission process by parents. (in the future , we will replace the existing process with another one specifically built for parents admission)  

Application Management 

#27808 Application Management Grid – A new feature, student application is added. An application management grid is also added. The application is related to Application Intake (i.e. Application Cycles), Application Types, Application Status and application points, position, eligibility and several other properties. Each application is related to Qualification data and requirements collected.  

#27029 Student Application Form – A new form for managing student application is added. It is part of the Admission TAB in the student form.   

#30189 The “Add application” button is placed in student form and is visible for Employee user. 

 #27808(b) Eligibility Criteria Management in Admission – Any student qualifications connected with subjects are connected are related to eligibility criteria management. Eligibility criteria are implemented as special curriculum structures in Classter Manager. A system of points and criteria met by group of qualifications is implemented.  

#29046 Eligibility Calculation Tools added in application management grid. The option allows end users to auto-calculate the eligibility of applicants for the selected education program. It uses the Qualification Requirement curriculum assigned to each Educational program. Note: Qualification Requirements are created only using Classter Manager.  

#29098 Application Per/By views added. A set of different view of the type “Applicants By” or “Applicants Per” added in the Applications grid menu > View button 

#28545 Application Points Table: a new table will all pointed calculated per application is added. End users can add extra qualifications or certification points per application. (e.g. Points got by an admission interview)  

#28092 Email Messaging for New Applications – An email template is implemented. A New Application report is attached to the email sent (configured in Admission General Settings) 


#27889 Position Management – A tool for managing application position management per Grade/Year/Course is added.  

#29924 An application handler can be assigned to multiple applications with a bulk action's selector.  


Reregistration & Parents Registrations  

#28416. Online Re-registration enhancement. Declaration of studies continuation acceptance has been added so that the user (student/parents) selects Yes or No. New setting where the admin can define required demographics/admission fields. New setting for presenting or not the user email. 

#28835, #28954. Reregistration based on Annual Result: The annual result has now a type that informs Classter if a student can do a reregistration based on his/her annual result. The feature is enabled by a general admission setting. In this case the status of the student in the next academic period is dynamically set based on the annual result of the previous academic period. If there is no annual result , reregistration is not possible.  Sign up as Student  Registration & Enrollments  Online Re-registration 

#30576 We have added the option of allowing parents to add new children (students) as candidates or edit existing ones. Parents can edit students by clicking on the pen icon below the student’s image.  

#30221 Selection Educational Program Category (Registry Category). The option allow end users to self select their educational program category.   

#32276 Allow parents to edit personal admission documents (registration documents). This is enabled in the general registration settings. It will allow parents to edit not only personal student data but also admission document data.  

Online Subject/Services Enrollements 

#30111 Better support for Higher Education. The form using curriculum is modified so that it support multiple business logic for Class/Group auto-assignment. It allows admins to setup if Classes are automatically created, if the student should select a class etc.