CRM Calendars, Events and Announcements 

#27876 Presentation of announcement in dashboard. The number of announcements presented is configurable. If there are many Calendar categories, then for each calendar category X announcements will be presented.  

#27074. Student's Position Calendar improvement. The user can Edit the comments and then check-out: Student's Position Calendar > Show entries > Edit & Check-out. Improvements to better support student cards (QR Codes and RFIDs)  

#29526 #31685 Student's Position Calendar improvement – Now works with QR codes and student cards. Used to track in real time the check-in of a student in the medical office or other school areas. We also added ID Number and Student Code support   

#33205 RSVP capability added to the Calendar events. Users can now respond if they intent to come participate/come to an event or note 

#22341. Addition of legends in the calendar which explain what the colors of the calendar entries mean. 

#26072. Attachment support for Events and Announcements. Classter now supports file attachment support for new events and announcements creation.  

#21976 Create new event by just clicking on the Dashboard Calendar. An end user does not need to navigate to Events Management  > Add Events option to create a new event. He/she can create a new event by just  clicking on the calendar in the dashboard form. If the user is the owner of the event, he/she can also edit the event directly from the calendar (a new edit button added in the event)  

CRM Messaging 

#22596. Teachers messaging implementation. A teacher can send messages to all teachers that teach at the same group. My Groups > Teachers area > Actions > Message to Teachers or Message to Teachers (via E-mail). 

#25335. Message Center: The Print function has been added at the view message page. 

#25335. Message History Improvements: Implementation of access rights (privilege) that can be given to employee in order to have access to other entities' (i.e. teachers, students, employees) inbox. 

#26066. Mail gun enhancement. The user can set his own mail gun account and configure the domain and email accounts. 

#26510. Messages submenu has been added to Students, Parents, Teachers, Employees profiles (available to admin/staff): Edit e.g. student profile > Views & Statistics tab > Messages. 

#26072. Attachment support for eMailsClasster allows now end users to send emails and attach also files in the emails.  

#30476 Additional field in the messages section that allows to select on message recipients the category “Relatives”. Compose new message  From the Add Recipients button select “Relatives”  From the popup menu you can configure your selections.  

#32818 Internal Message Rights – A new configuration setting allow admin to define who can send message to who. (e.g if Teachers can send messages to Parents)  

#32186 Message History view – Total number of recipients per message added.  

#31353 Configuration Setting that defines if Classter sends email to the user personal email or to the user account email. For example if the institute uses Office365, it can define if by default all emails go to the O365 email account (i.e. student account email) or their personal email account.  

CRM Parents Meetings 

#22341. Parents Meeting: A warning message alerts parents, at the schedule of meetings feature, when they enter a past hour of the current date. 

CRM Core (Actions/Requests/Remarks) 

#24864. The request submission button at the Request feature of the parents' portal has been changed from Save to Send. 

#25415 Add new CRM action button in the bulk action in student list.