Payments & Invoicing 

#26630. The Academic Period dropdown list field has been added in the Invoice and Payment form, so that the user can make a payment that refers to a previous academic period. 

#26165. Online payments implementation. The user can manage online payments and receipts. A new menu was added in Financial / Transaction / Online payments. End users can check all payment done online and automatically register transactions against existing financial arrangement. Till now this feature was only supported in Classter Manager 

#26863 Auto print of a transaction document after a transaction is registered. A button is added in the new invoice or payment transaction form. The user can directly print the invoice or payment receipt once the transaction is committed.  

#26630 Allows a user to receive payments for ex-academic period outstanding payments. The selection of school period is now provided in the new payment transaction form.  


#23591. Actions have been added on the arrangements list: delete arrangement (if not committed), commit/uncommit, publish/hide to payer, tag it, allow/do not allow zero value invoice. 

#26585 Finalize or commit student financial arrangement in portal. (ported from Classter Manager)  

#25416 Improvements on Financial Arrangement list appearance: Filter Students using the Student Category, Creation of a CRM action, Bulk email. Financial  Arrangement List  Bulk Actions selector  Create Action 

#32508 Add Financial Comment and Color selector in the Financial TAB (Student Form) – Ported from Classter Manager   

Student Form 

#25540. Student Financial tab improvement: When the user changes an arrangement, he/she can select a change reason e.g. internal correction. 

#26627. Student Financial tab improvement: The user can Commit an arrangement so that it cannot be edited. Financial tab > Arrangements tab > Click on the commit/uncommit button at the arrangement row. 

#27982 Publish Financial Data to option: New Setting and methodology defines the default option selected per student. Allows the preselected value to be different per Location or Student Level.  

#30684 Arrangement Management – Allow to keep a custom value in an installment. There is also a new option for bulk delete of installments.   


#25587. Integration with Alpha Bank payment system 

#26147. Integration with FastPay gateway system.  

#31637 Integration with PaySera payment gateway.   

#29083 We have added a new field in arrangement plans that connects Billing Category and Pre-selected Billing Plans. Configuration | Financial Settings  General Settings  Arrangements Parameters 

#30922 Billing plan and Arrangement plan are now connected with the Grade and Category allowing to have automatically different plan selected based on student category and Grade/Year.